Do you have a large trunk? I need to put my bike into it.

Posted August 29, 2007 by vkilla
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Since Dr.Gadget will be featuring the Army Recon 21-Speed Foldable Mountain Bike on The View in a couple of weeks. I decided to let you guys know a little about this bike and my expirience with it.

It started to get warm and I need an outdoor hobby and decided to take up bike riding. Went to Costco and got an average mountain bike. I picked it up using my friends truck knowing it wont fit into my car. But then I though what is the point if it doesn’t fit into my car. I got the Army Recon 21-Speed Foldable Mountain Bike from instead. To solve my small car problem. The bike is really sturdy even for a big husky guy like me never had any issues with it unfolding. I take it to Venice beach at least a couple of times a week. Never really did some serious mountain biking with it but i think it will hold up just fine.

-Vadim K.


2007 MTV Awards Gift Suite @ The Sofitel

Posted June 6, 2007 by vkilla
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Last weekend I spent a whole lot of time in the presidential suite at the The Sofitel Hotel. It was sponsored by Alexander Innovation Wizard (scroll down for some history). The event was hosted by GBK productions and was for the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. The celebrities where gifted the G-Force MP4 Home Theater Watch and the Spion MP3 Voice recorder. There where many vendors there and had lots of cool stuff. Roberto Cavalli Vodka, Sky’s Gourmet Tacos, FP Jeans, Turn it On Designs, Mood Factory, Barbar Hair Care Products, and Zenspiration Gardens where just some of the vendors there. A big thanks should go to Sky’s Gourmet tacos for catering the event even thou I had only one taco and yes it was incredible. Yes they where long days filled no place to sit down and no breaks but the people there made it worth it and I’m not talking about the celebrities. The celebrities where great too. The photographer we had was awesome we did not miss any opportunities because he was always on point and ready to shot. Garet Fields Sells will be welcome with open arms in any event we will be at. Looking back it was a great experiences and I got to meet some stars of my favorite show lost.

Here are some pictures from there:

As promised here is some info on Alexander innovation Wizard:

Alexander Innovation Wizard has been inventing the world’s greatest innovations for nearly 20 years. His products can be found in retail stores like Sharper Image, Costco and mail-order catalogs like Heartland America, Gadget Universe, Sportsman’s Guide, and SkyMall. Alex is also rolling out dozens of funny and entertaining online videos featuring the incredible innovations he is discovering and inventing several months before these gadgets are available to consumers.


Damn Better Then Hot Cakes, Like Gravity Defeyer Hotcakes

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It’s funny how much press these Gravity Defyer Shoes get. Everywhere I look there are more and more blogs, reviews, etc. I just searched Google for the shoes (results) and the information is overwhelming. Like Show-n-Tell, The Gadget Panel, TurboGadgets, and countless others have written reviews and given there opinions. Places like Gadget Universe, Skymall are spending lots of dough just to advertise these. So far they don’t have a celebrity endorsements or any large retail chains supporting the shoes. In my opinion thats just around the corner. You can view all the styles, sizes, and colors. Just follow this link.Also now they launched a brand new site just for the shoes check it out here


Sneak Peak Into The Gadget Universe Product Room

Posted April 4, 2007 by vkilla
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I sneaked into the product meeting room to steal some peaks at some of the gadgets Gadget Universe may carry. Plus Peter Wang our product manager makes his filming debut. You will be able check out some of the styles of Gravity Defyers coming out. Trust this is ultra exclusive and I’m probably going to get into trouble over this. Check out the video let me know what you think and yes I do know my finger was blocking the shot for a while there.


Got Some New Bling

Posted March 20, 2007 by vkilla
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Got a new watch from I love this hockey puck size watch. I has one of the coolest automatic movements I’ve seen. It uses three hands each hand still represents the hour, minute, and second. It just uses 1/4 the dial to tell the time. I’m a big fan of large and unique watches which this one fits perfectly into. I have another watch from which combines two automatic movements into one watch. Every time I wear that watch I get numerous amounts of compliments. But the best one came from my uncle. He is a watch fanatic and has a large collection of really expensive watches. He looked it over and actually said you cannot buy a similar watch for even thousands more.

I Currently Own:

Stahlhammer Dual Time Automatic Quartz

Willenstark Automatic Watch

Beethoven Automatic Watch


Do You Have the Time? Nope Sorry

Posted March 20, 2007 by vkilla
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I used to forget my watch like almost everyday. Then I remembered I had my 24 watch box somewhere hidden in my closet. I took it out and blam:dsc00234.JPG

Fear no more I will have the time from now on. I never used the box because I always had a couple of watches and didn’t really need all that space. I got a great deal on it so I bough the box. Thinking one day I will have the watch collection I dream of.


We Got Gravity Defyer Style

Posted March 20, 2007 by vkilla
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Finally some other styles of the Gravity Defyer shoes have come in. You now have versions with laces and two other colors mocha and saddle. I’ll still stick with the triple black. But I do like the look of the Allessandro. These shoes are just on fire. I had mine on the other day because I knew I was going to do some walking. After walking the farmers market for a while I was really impressed that my calves did not hurt which they usually did. I don’t know about anyone else I’m sold on these and will recommend that everyone get a pair or two. Use code : SHOEPROMO to get 10% off and free shipping on the order from catalog page. But keep this between us no one knows I leaked that code. The offer is not even published anywhere yet. 🙂