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In For Some Office Competition?

December 4, 2007

grip challengeThe first thing I did when I took the Grip Challenge TK out the box is challenge my co-workers to a friendly duel. It has a setting for max grip and we went of that. I pulled like 52 killos and the rest tried to keep up with me. But I can safely say I cheated a little for my main grip squize I used two hands and almost passed out from squeizing it so hard. They where like pulling 34 to 44 kilos and couldn’t get close to where I was at. I now constantly keep one at my desk and use it on a regular basis. Hopefuly pretty soon I will grip 52 kilos with one hand. In the meanwhile its a cool little stress reliever. I always either bought those squeeze exercise balls or archaic metal contraptions for my grip exercises. I really like grip exercised cause they can be done anywhere and I do not have to get off the couch. The Grip Challenge TK is available on sale for only $9.95 and if you order is above $50 you get free UPS ground shipping. The free shipping special is running til the end of the year but additional shipping fees are applied to extra large and bulky merchandise.


Damn I Knew This Guy From Back In The Day

December 6, 2006

James Kim found deceased in Oregon wilderness

Several news organizations are reporting that rescuers have spotted a man that may be James Kim laying face down in the woods. The man’s condition and identity are unknown at this point. Stay tuned for more updates as they come in.

Update: It pains us greatly to report that, unfortunately, James was found dead by airborne rescuers just minutes ago. Words can’t express our grief concerning this terrible tragedy, so we’ll simply close by saying that our utmost, heartfelt sympathies are with James’ family, friends, and coworkers right now.



Well not actually but I watched him on Tech TV all the time. I found his reviews actually really helpful and agreed with his style of likes or dislikes. I was really pissed when they sold the station. It really sucks that this day and age we can die from simple things like being stranded. My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.