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Are You Smart Enough?

March 8, 2007

I think everything should be based on you IQ. I’m going to come off as big brother but hey I just needed to go there. Like being able to drink, have children, drive, vote, and even education. You will be tested and given licenses for all these things. Yes I know you already get licenses for driving but they never test your IQ. Just some people cannot be allowed to do everything. It would definitely cut down on accidents, alcohol related injuries and deaths, babies being throw in the trash, electing The Three Stooges as president, and principals dating or selling crack to their students. Just everyday when I see kids just running around in parking lots while their moms are chatting about whatever. I just wish she had a license for those kids and someone could come up and say ” Who’s watching your children while you are chatting”. Or like that guy who had his two year old stab his wife. Where are his licenses? I know it singles people out and whatnot, but I still think you are special and whats what really matters.