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I Need These On My Ride

November 9, 2006

Whopper Stoppers: Electronic Wedge Brakes to Revolutionize Slowing Down


A new braking system set to arrive in two years could dramatically
improve the time (and distance) it takes to not go. It’s the electronic
wedge brake (EWB), and it could heighten cars’ stopping power
significantly. The system ditches messy hydraulics for an electric
motor, which laterally activates a wedge-shaped stopper — like that of
an old horse cart — through a series of interlocking teeth between the
caliper and disc. What’s most thrilling for drivers is the faster a car
is traveling when brakes are applied, the more powerful the stoppage.
Developer Siemens says the system requires one-tenth the energy
required in hydraulic braking and can run without incident on a car’s
typical 12-volt power setup. We’ll get a better look at this new
mousetrap when the first wedge-equipped car — an Audi, BMW,
Mercedes-Benz or Porsche — hits in 2008.


Money Doesn’t Mean You Have Brains

November 3, 2006

Well I just hate to see a great car like that in the hands of idiots. But what you can do.