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Is Kevin Sorbo Going to Be The Next Bond?

October 26, 2007

Kevin SorboWell maybe not but I think he would do a great job. Kevin Sorbo has always been a huge fan of Gadget Universe products. Currently he has the iPlatform in his home gym. The last time I talked to him he said his whole family loves that machine . He is also a huge fan of Gravity Defyer Shoes….his favorite style is the Marseille . He mentioned that he can walk for hours on end without getting tired. You see him in the picture holding the Spion Orbitor Listening device. He thinks the device is so cool that you can listen up to 300 feet away but what makes this device unique is that you can record up to 120 seconds. No other listening device of this caliber can do that. He was also was amazed at the Spion Military Zoom Binoculars. We could actually see people homes in the Hollywood hills from the Roosevelt Hotel. Next time we will meet I will try to get the Steinhausen Beethoven Gold watch on him. I think he would love the masculinity and sophistication of this modern styled watch.

-Vadim K.

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Gary Anthony Williams Tried To Bite My Head Off

October 23, 2007

Gary Anthony Williams
I do not know if he really got excited when I gifted him the MP3 Voice Recorder or what. He seemed like a very professional and serious guy at first. But that just goes to show that every person still has a little playfulness in them. He loved all the stuff showcased at the Gift Suite . It took him awhile to decide whether he wanted the Home Theater Watch or the MP3 recorder. He loves the features of both but decided the voice recorder will provide a bigger benefit to his routine. Actors have lots of responsibilities to balance in their busy work schedules. Except if your Britney but thats a different story. When you see actors on the screen for even a couple of minutes you can rest assured that hours of work went into it. It was a huge pleasure meeting Gary and wish him the best on Boston Legal and his other future endeavors. Gary has been a busy guy appearing on shows like Malcolm in the Middle, The Boondocks, Reno 911, CSI, and countless others. Hopefuly Gary is putting the recorder to great use. Perhaps you will see some of Gadget Universe’s products with Gary on your favorite shows.

-Vadim K.