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Do you have a large trunk? I need to put my bike into it.

August 29, 2007

Since Dr.Gadget will be featuring the Army Recon 21-Speed Foldable Mountain Bike on The View in a couple of weeks. I decided to let you guys know a little about this bike and my expirience with it.

It started to get warm and I need an outdoor hobby and decided to take up bike riding. Went to Costco and got an average mountain bike. I picked it up using my friends truck knowing it wont fit into my car. But then I though what is the point if it doesn’t fit into my car. I got the Army Recon 21-Speed Foldable Mountain Bike from instead. To solve my small car problem. The bike is really sturdy even for a big husky guy like me never had any issues with it unfolding. I take it to Venice beach at least a couple of times a week. Never really did some serious mountain biking with it but i think it will hold up just fine.

-Vadim K.