Got Some New Bling


Got a new watch from I love this hockey puck size watch. I has one of the coolest automatic movements I’ve seen. It uses three hands each hand still represents the hour, minute, and second. It just uses 1/4 the dial to tell the time. I’m a big fan of large and unique watches which this one fits perfectly into. I have another watch from which combines two automatic movements into one watch. Every time I wear that watch I get numerous amounts of compliments. But the best one came from my uncle. He is a watch fanatic and has a large collection of really expensive watches. He looked it over and actually said you cannot buy a similar watch for even thousands more.

I Currently Own:

Stahlhammer Dual Time Automatic Quartz

Willenstark Automatic Watch

Beethoven Automatic Watch


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    Meditation says : I absolutely agree with this !

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