Back When It Was Called Hoops (Sneak Peak) Gravity Defyer


Due to my connections @ I had a sneak peak at the newest Gravity Defyers. I’m not sure if all these puppies will make to the market but you see them here first. The first picture reminds me of super old school basketball like tight shorts and even tighter jerseys. The second pair is more like a mid top cross trainer which will be awesome for the gym. I could almost hear your knees begging for salvation. The last but not least pair is my favorite. It’s a black shoe with some insignia on it and looks like a skater shoe. My past expirience brings me to the conclusion that skater shoes where always comfortable but now with springs. Someone please pinch me!


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4 Comments on “Back When It Was Called Hoops (Sneak Peak) Gravity Defyer”

  1. Amelia White Says:

    Very cool design! Useful information. Go on!

  2. Great blog I have some one in mind that would be interested. Thank you.

  3. jaredude Says:

    I don’t know about the hi-tops, but those seekers are mighty righteous

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