Got Zoom?

Military Zoom Binoculars

We do! 20×140 of it that is. This one serious set of glassware. Basically think of it a hand held telescope. These babies are powerful so powerful I recommend using a tripod for anything over 40x. These do not have any image stabilization or some digital crap like that. That’s the beauty of them. This is just a no holes barred raw power binocular. When we got these about 1.5 year ago I was a little skeptical on how well they will perform. I got these in the parking lot on its tripod and I actually saw hiking trails over 30 miles away. Mind you it was a clear sunny California day. I got a pair for my parents house. They live in Palm Springs and the stars at night are unbelievable. We spent at least a couple hours gazing at the stars. Everyone just loved them. I’m thinking of taking a trip to Alaska later this year I will definitely bring these along.


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