Ooops! We Did It Again

5.0 Mega Pixel LCD Digital Binocular Camera

This is the third rendition of this item. Its predecessors where the 1.3mp and the 2.1mp models. Both of those worked fine and made good snapshots. I think the current interpolated 5 mega pixel versions is the best. Interpolated means it uses software to achieve 5 mega pixels so it has a 3 mega pixel CCD interpolated to 5 mega pixels. Just think of it as a performance tune for you fuel injected car. Better fuel maps and better valve timing equals more power. This all means clearer and bigger pictures with more details than ever before. I do not watch, participate, or follow sports of any kind thats just not my thing. So you wont hear how to get the perfect game winning buzzer shot snapshot or anything like that. It could be very useful for hunters, hikers, bird watchers, and any one who has binoculars strapped to their chest all the time. In my opinion the value of them is the same as keeping a disposable camera in you glove box. You never know when you will need it but you will be glad you have it when that perfect opportunity comes along to snap that picture.


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