They Have The Coolest Shit Overseas

Weird Combo of the Day: Vodka & Headphones

Vodka1wtmk.jpgAt a 7-11 in Taipei, boozers can acquire a free pair of knockoff iPod headphones with their purchase of Absolut Vodka. And even in this blurry picture, one can appreciate the craftsmanship of the wrap-around casing that intent.

Because when I’m drinking vodka, I generally think to myself that things would be a whole lot better if only I had another pair of crappy headphones in my life.
Thanks Lars!

I just cant stand it anymore. It just seems like everyone except the States gets the coolest shit. Our television technology is at least 10 years behind Japan and about 5 years behind everyone else. I think we are just a crap consuming nation we will buy anything and everything. The problem is we keep buying it for years so why would the manufacturers rush us new and innovative items if we are still pleased with the crap we have on store shelves for years. Like for instance the free headphones with your vodka purchase you don’t need the headphones but when you already buying the vodka why not receive a free pair.


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One Comment on “They Have The Coolest Shit Overseas”

  1. Speaking of vodka…Absolut has a great pear vodka out…I think it should be counted in as a fruit serving! LOL Just remember that you need at least 6-10 fruit servings a day to have the proper nutrients!

    Smiles and world peace,

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