HDMI Price’s Are Crazy

HDMI Cable Shopping Guide


Ever wonder how some HDMI cables can run upwards of $100 while some others don’t even crack 20 bones? The folks at Arstechnica wondered, also and tried to figure it out. Their general solution is to not listen to the pricetag. Just because one HDMI cable is five times the cost of another doesn’t mean it will product a five-times better picture and just because you have a new, big, beautiful HDTV and a slew of home entertainment components doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on cables. Just shop around, pick out the best priced cable ($20-$30 range) and it will look fine. If you are still skeptical about buying “cheap” cables, then buy both and test it yourself and return the worse cable—easy enough.

I totally agree I was about to spend like $150 for the top of the line monster cable. Then my buddy said just get a high quality no name brand cable. So that what I did and everything looked flawless and I had no problems. But I still was skeptical about the $120 price difference so I went out and got that monster cable. The only deference is the monster has a nicer cover over the cable and that about it. So don’t go for for the brand just go for quality. eBay and computergeeks.com have good deals and quality cables.


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