I Love Blogs!

I was really frustrated all the time coming up with copy for our Gadget Universe newsletter Gadget Alert. Everyday I would just dread going to work because I knew I will have to face writing and rewriting it until I was blue in the face until someone liked it. So our Vice President of Direct Marketing (cool tittle huh?) Jared Tracey decided to blog some tips about writing copy. It did not make any sense the first time I read it but after I though about it I saw the advantage. Now I write BETTER copy that’s still needs some moderation but it’s a lot better and I do not have to rewrite anything :-). Now I’m actually looking forward to new idea’s and new products that will be coming in. Now I just relax and think what to write and everything is approved with little change. The reason I love blogs is that something like that is possible. I guarantee you that if we had a meeting about it and he said the exact same words to me. I would get a lot out of it but not as much as possible with a blog and the money shot is that its available for other people to view and use.


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One Comment on “I Love Blogs!”

  1. lilac^ Says:

    Hello~ i checked jared blogs and all i can say is that the blog is so informative. im looking forward too for more posting here. Take Care!

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