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Ooops! We Did It Again

February 27, 2007

5.0 Mega Pixel LCD Digital Binocular Camera

This is the third rendition of this item. Its predecessors where the 1.3mp and the 2.1mp models. Both of those worked fine and made good snapshots. I think the current interpolated 5 mega pixel versions is the best. Interpolated means it uses software to achieve 5 mega pixels so it has a 3 mega pixel CCD interpolated to 5 mega pixels. Just think of it as a performance tune for you fuel injected car. Better fuel maps and better valve timing equals more power. This all means clearer and bigger pictures with more details than ever before. I do not watch, participate, or follow sports of any kind thats just not my thing. So you wont hear how to get the perfect game winning buzzer shot snapshot or anything like that. It could be very useful for hunters, hikers, bird watchers, and any one who has binoculars strapped to their chest all the time. In my opinion the value of them is the same as keeping a disposable camera in you glove box. You never know when you will need it but you will be glad you have it when that perfect opportunity comes along to snap that picture.



They Have The Coolest Shit Overseas

February 26, 2007

Weird Combo of the Day: Vodka & Headphones

Vodka1wtmk.jpgAt a 7-11 in Taipei, boozers can acquire a free pair of knockoff iPod headphones with their purchase of Absolut Vodka. And even in this blurry picture, one can appreciate the craftsmanship of the wrap-around casing that intent.

Because when I’m drinking vodka, I generally think to myself that things would be a whole lot better if only I had another pair of crappy headphones in my life.
Thanks Lars!

I just cant stand it anymore. It just seems like everyone except the States gets the coolest shit. Our television technology is at least 10 years behind Japan and about 5 years behind everyone else. I think we are just a crap consuming nation we will buy anything and everything. The problem is we keep buying it for years so why would the manufacturers rush us new and innovative items if we are still pleased with the crap we have on store shelves for years. Like for instance the free headphones with your vodka purchase you don’t need the headphones but when you already buying the vodka why not receive a free pair.


Got Yourself A Gun

February 22, 2007

I finally picked up my gun yesterday. I was really excited to get it. When I went to pick it up I was stuck in the dreaded Los Angeles gridlock and was getting very impatient. So about three to four cigarettes later I  was finally approaching the gun dealers house.  I got the gun and was even amazed that the serials numbers matched on the stock too. I did notice a crack in the wood later but I think I can easily fix it because I’m planing to refinish it anyways. I will post pictures when it will be done. But for now here is a picture of one, not mine of course.

Russian SKS Type 45 7.62×39

HDMI Price’s Are Crazy

February 20, 2007

HDMI Cable Shopping Guide


Ever wonder how some HDMI cables can run upwards of $100 while some others don’t even crack 20 bones? The folks at Arstechnica wondered, also and tried to figure it out. Their general solution is to not listen to the pricetag. Just because one HDMI cable is five times the cost of another doesn’t mean it will product a five-times better picture and just because you have a new, big, beautiful HDTV and a slew of home entertainment components doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on cables. Just shop around, pick out the best priced cable ($20-$30 range) and it will look fine. If you are still skeptical about buying “cheap” cables, then buy both and test it yourself and return the worse cable—easy enough.

I totally agree I was about to spend like $150 for the top of the line monster cable. Then my buddy said just get a high quality no name brand cable. So that what I did and everything looked flawless and I had no problems. But I still was skeptical about the $120 price difference so I went out and got that monster cable. The only deference is the monster has a nicer cover over the cable and that about it. So don’t go for for the brand just go for quality. eBay and have good deals and quality cables.


I Love Blogs!

February 12, 2007

I was really frustrated all the time coming up with copy for our Gadget Universe newsletter Gadget Alert. Everyday I would just dread going to work because I knew I will have to face writing and rewriting it until I was blue in the face until someone liked it. So our Vice President of Direct Marketing (cool tittle huh?) Jared Tracey decided to blog some tips about writing copy. It did not make any sense the first time I read it but after I though about it I saw the advantage. Now I write BETTER copy that’s still needs some moderation but it’s a lot better and I do not have to rewrite anything :-). Now I’m actually looking forward to new idea’s and new products that will be coming in. Now I just relax and think what to write and everything is approved with little change. The reason I love blogs is that something like that is possible. I guarantee you that if we had a meeting about it and he said the exact same words to me. I would get a lot out of it but not as much as possible with a blog and the money shot is that its available for other people to view and use.


Vista or Not?

February 8, 2007

I’m not sure what to do. I have always used windows for the last ten years. I have always shied away from Macs. When OSX came out I tried it and really liked and though my next set up will be a Mac. Now I hear about how cool Vista is and I’m not sure what to do. My laptop is in repair we could thank Sony for that with there battery problems. Hopefully it will be labeled dead and I could get a new system. Thankfully I did not catch fire on my lap. Here I will include video of that for fun’s sake.