720p For $500 (Good One)

Toshiba HD-A2 on store shelves now


After a relatively brief delay, the cheaper of Toshiba’s two second-generation HD DVD players for the U.S. is now available. Shipping in limited quantities to some dealers already, a few AVSForum members were able to pick them up at Best Buy yesterday and today. Priced at $499, in exchange for a new slim design and faster loading times (around 30 seconds from power on to movie play according to initial reports), this revision loses the 5.1 analog audio outputs of the HD-A1. Still, if you’ve been waiting for that bug free (don’t bet on it) second revision hardware with HDMI (1080p coming on the HD-XA2) output not available on the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on, this is it.

[Thanks, Ken F.]

Ok for the record the Xbox 360 can do 1080p provided you have the vga cable. Yes SO far their is no news of any HDMI set up comming to the 360 but I bet it will. For the money I would get the 360 set up any ways. Even if your not a hardcore gamer the live arcade could entertain even the most cusual gamer. Pair it up with the HD add on and you got the super HD DVD player i have been waiting on since birth lol. I must admit I have a Samsung 720p dlp set so I dont care much about 1080p but I could see the value of not having that feauture and having a 1080p set.

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