I’m Stuck On Which Phone To Buy.

I have service with Cingular. My old razor broke on me after only 1 year. I really don’t like any phone that Cingulars has and the prices are ridiculous too.  Get this, Cingular is giving me a so called upgrade deal if i sign up for two years I can receive the 1 year contract phone price. So basically I get 50 to 100 dollars off the MSRP which is not a great deal in any means. I kind of like the Samsung Blackjack or the D807 but never had a Samsung cell phone so I don’t really know how good they are. Today I was reading Engadget and saw that the Blackberry Pearl is coming out for Cingular. A couple of people in the office have them on the T-Mobile network and they look kind of cool. I’m Just not sure if I really need a Blackberry or not. Also the MSRP is $579.95 which is ridiculous. I would get one for around $200 if possible.

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