I’m Waiting For This Day To Come

Wire-less Power to Charge Your Gadgets

Wirless%20Power.jpg Researchers at MIT are working on a way to charge your gadgets via electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation is usually found in things like radio antennas, but by tunneling the energy from one copper antenna to another (which would be connected to your laptop), researchers have found out that it’s possible to recharge devices. The process is still in its early stages, but anything to eliminate the huge chunk of cables under our desk gets our vote.

I cant wait till everything is wireless. With no connection problems just working flawlessly. I think it will be possible in the near future I just hope it will be low radiation and be affordable. I just sick and tired of wires in my apartment I have wires all over the place. Yes I know their is some wireless solutions now but what I have tried doesn’t really work well. The only wireless devices I use now is my laptop, keyboard, and mouse. I tried like surround speakers set ups and other wireless adapters but the technology is in its infancy stage so we just got to wait a while. I cant wait until I don’t have to plug in my laptop or cell phone or even my Bluetooth Earpiece.

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One Comment on “I’m Waiting For This Day To Come”

  1. jaredude Says:

    I’ve been having dreams about this for ages. It’s about damn time they stop using my dreams only for plot ideas for “The Simpsons” and start using them for something good, like wireless charging products

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