Finally A Write-Up On Engadget

TA 454 Digital Video Player brings video on a 1.5-inch screen

We’re not exactly sure why anyone would want to watch anything on a 1.5-inch screen, but apparently the unwashed masses do; as such, enter the TA 454 Digital Video Player. About the size of two quarters, this $80 256MB media player takes SD cards and will playback WMV, MP3, SMV, JPG and eBook files. We’re still mystified how the TA 454’s engineers managed to get an FM tuner into that tiny case, too, but that’s why they have advanced degrees and laboratories and we don’t. Still, we’d like to see it go head-to-head against the iRiver N20, the other tiny DAP with a screen du jour.

I work for Gadget Universe and we try to bring some cool products to the market from overseas. Some products like the this media payer was born on our sister site We premiered on there couple of months ago and it sold like crazy. I’m hopeful we get more input on the products we bring in finally. I would love to see more cool mp3 players and cool camera ideas.

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One Comment on “Finally A Write-Up On Engadget”

  1. jaredude Says:

    Dude, the link to GU is broken 😦

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