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Ralph’s Is In The Dark Ages

November 30, 2006

LOL-lercoaster: Crazy Chinese Rollercoaster Supermarket

Sure beats shopping carts: This Chinese supermarket has roller-coasters running through its aisles. If you miss your cornflakes, you’ll have to go for another ride. Clean up in aisle 5!

In my opinion Ralph’s has some catching up to do.



Ever Heard Of Wang Spray? Neither Did I

November 30, 2006

German Wang Spray is Instant Condom: From Liquid Rubber To Sweet Love in One Second

sprayoncondom.jpgA German firm has developed a spray-on condom for all your lifestyle needs. The liquid condom comes in an aerosol can that you spray onto the organ in question. A few seconds later, the liquid solidifies into the familiar latex and forms a tight seal. The company says it’s a great time saver and is easier to use than traditional condoms. It’s still in the testing phase (in fact, they’re looking for volunteers right now) so it might be a while before it hits the neighborhood drug store. Now there’s no “but I hate putting it on” excuses. And anything that promotes safety and responsibility is A-OK in our books (usually).

WOW! That is hilarious wang spray huh. I could see the benefit of a product like this especially if you can get them at Costco in the 3 gallon aerosol spray cans. I just have some feedback for the manufacturer.

1. It will need a warmer so the liquid or spray whatever will be warm. As all guys know you don’t want to spray anything cold on your wang.

2. I understand how to apply it but i dont think the problem is their.The removal is the tricky part.

But anyways those crazy Germans keep coming out with new stuff and I will keep LMAO.

I’m Stuck On Which Phone To Buy.

November 28, 2006

I have service with Cingular. My old razor broke on me after only 1 year. I really don’t like any phone that Cingulars has and the prices are ridiculous too.  Get this, Cingular is giving me a so called upgrade deal if i sign up for two years I can receive the 1 year contract phone price. So basically I get 50 to 100 dollars off the MSRP which is not a great deal in any means. I kind of like the Samsung Blackjack or the D807 but never had a Samsung cell phone so I don’t really know how good they are. Today I was reading Engadget and saw that the Blackberry Pearl is coming out for Cingular. A couple of people in the office have them on the T-Mobile network and they look kind of cool. I’m Just not sure if I really need a Blackberry or not. Also the MSRP is $579.95 which is ridiculous. I would get one for around $200 if possible.

Damn eBay

November 16, 2006

Ebay Restricts PS3 Pre-sales

ps3ebay.jpgThe PS3 has become the hottest commodity on eBay as of late, and it still hasn’t been released. There is good news if you happen to be a person willing to overpay for one on ebay and bad news for those of you looking to sell it on the auction website. eBay has announced that they will only allow established ebay vendors to pre-sale the PS3 and are required to show proof from the form of a receipt and guarantee shipment within 30 days of purchase.

The good news is that buyers of the PS3 on Ebay can be more trustworthy of the sellers before bidding upwards of $2,300 on this console, but it is bad news for those looking to sell their pre-order. Unless you are well established on Ebay, you may have to wait until you have the giant console in your bare, naked hands.

I guess it’s not that big of a deal seeing as how the release if one day away, so in related news, jump to see a picture of the greatest/saddest PS3-related Ebay auction, ever.

I don’t understand why eBay needs to do that. Well ok I do for fraud and price gauging reasons. When the Xbox 360 came I missed the opportunity to make 2-3k on eBay and been kicking my ass ever since. Now when the time comes around again they shoot that idea down. I have a 100% positive rating on eBay with over 100 positive transactions so I would get top dollar for that system. But thanks to flee-bay i wont get the opportunity.


I’m Waiting For This Day To Come

November 15, 2006

Wire-less Power to Charge Your Gadgets

Wirless%20Power.jpg Researchers at MIT are working on a way to charge your gadgets via electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation is usually found in things like radio antennas, but by tunneling the energy from one copper antenna to another (which would be connected to your laptop), researchers have found out that it’s possible to recharge devices. The process is still in its early stages, but anything to eliminate the huge chunk of cables under our desk gets our vote.

I cant wait till everything is wireless. With no connection problems just working flawlessly. I think it will be possible in the near future I just hope it will be low radiation and be affordable. I just sick and tired of wires in my apartment I have wires all over the place. Yes I know their is some wireless solutions now but what I have tried doesn’t really work well. The only wireless devices I use now is my laptop, keyboard, and mouse. I tried like surround speakers set ups and other wireless adapters but the technology is in its infancy stage so we just got to wait a while. I cant wait until I don’t have to plug in my laptop or cell phone or even my Bluetooth Earpiece.

I’m Sick And Tired Of Shitty Sequels

November 15, 2006

I enjoyed the first Final Destination. I though it was a good plot and movie. The second one I didn’t care much for the plot but loved the highway scene. I did not have much expectations for the third one but it was awful stupid plot, bad acting, bad death scenes. But everything is a business now a days so I guess we will be seeing more and more shitty sequels coming out. I loved the first Blair Witch project but the when the second one came out it was horrible and ruined the experience of the first one. Why cant they just make good sequels like Oceans Twelve or Spider Man 2.

Finally A Write-Up On Engadget

November 13, 2006

TA 454 Digital Video Player brings video on a 1.5-inch screen

We’re not exactly sure why anyone would want to watch anything on a 1.5-inch screen, but apparently the unwashed masses do; as such, enter the TA 454 Digital Video Player. About the size of two quarters, this $80 256MB media player takes SD cards and will playback WMV, MP3, SMV, JPG and eBook files. We’re still mystified how the TA 454’s engineers managed to get an FM tuner into that tiny case, too, but that’s why they have advanced degrees and laboratories and we don’t. Still, we’d like to see it go head-to-head against the iRiver N20, the other tiny DAP with a screen du jour.

I work for Gadget Universe and we try to bring some cool products to the market from overseas. Some products like the this media payer was born on our sister site We premiered on there couple of months ago and it sold like crazy. I’m hopeful we get more input on the products we bring in finally. I would love to see more cool mp3 players and cool camera ideas.